God has made me passionate to love Him and His people!

The reason for this passion is that Jesus pursued my heart with His fierce love, driving out fear and shame. He has taught me how to love myself and now I spend my life giving away this love.

Many of the struggles and negative ways that I viewed myself stemmed from events in my past that I had no control over. My father died when I was three years old and my mother was not able to care for me properly after this, causing me to be placed in foster care. We lived in the ghetto of North Long Beach, California, and were so poor that some of my earliest memories are of walking around our neighborhood with my mother begging for money. I also experienced sexual abuse at a young age. There were many times that I would be left home alone to care for myself. Spending much of my early life in foster care eventually led to a family taking me into legal guardianship.

As a result of what I experienced, there were many deep scars in my soul. When I came to know Jesus in a personal way at fifteen years old, the work of mending my broken life and heart began. God instantly gave me a sense of some of the plans He had for my life. I had a desire to share Him with others-even people I had never met-all over the world. He gave me His love for people and a desire to serve in missionary work-especially in Africa.

A wonderful, older man named Ralph Cruz discipled me in who I was in Christ and how to minister to people on the streets. I had such a passion to share Christ with all who would listen! After feeling compelled to spend my life in ministry, Ralph shared about a Bible College called Christ for the Nations. Knowing I needed healing and training on how to follow God’s plan for my life, I boarded a plane at seventeen and attended CFNI in Dallas, Texas, where I spent the next four years being radically transformed by God. I was able to return to Christ for the Nations in March of 2013 to receive my ministerial credentials.

It was there that I began to learn and believe how much my heavenly Father truly loves me. His love became so real, and that is what began to untangle the mess my soul was in-one cord at a time. As healing and freedom came, I was able to walk out God’s plans for me more fully than ever. While I attended ministry school, I was able to serve an unreached people group in a country where it is illegal to share the gospel. That experienced marked me forever! My heart beats to take Jesus to those in the furthest, darkest places in the world and see the unreached, hurting, and lonely touched by the love of God.

God transitioned our family to beautiful Redding, CA to be a part of Bethel Church and for me to attend Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry in 2016. This is currently where our family resides. During the past few years, God has given me the opportunity to release His presence and love in Australia, Africa, and Malaysia, and in our beautiful country. Many have been touched, healed, delivered, and saved by the power of Jesus!

Gabby, Andy, and family

My family is the greatest joy of my life! My husband, Andy, and I have been married for twenty-one years. He has shown me the love that Jesus shows the church-especially while I was being healed and freed. Together we have two beautiful girls. Sarah is sixteen and is a talented pianist who loves to shop. Emily is fourteen and is a bundle of laughs and energy who has begun to travel and minister with me. There is no greater joy than to see them become the young ladies God created them to be! As I sit back and look at my family, tears come to my eyes because I realize how much God has restored to me. He has made up for what I did not have growing up. Our past does not have to keep us from living in the destiny that our Father has for us!

Some other things I enjoy are cooking and baking. I am in love with Chocolate!Anything outdoors gets me super energized-hiking, camping, gardening, and exploring nature. Traveling the globe is so exhilarating ! I love to shop, decorate, and make my home beautiful. I have a small addiction to reading and will read anything I can get my hands on.

How about you? Who has God created you to be? Who has your heavenly Father created you to be? What is He asking you to do? What are your passions? Let God in. Let Him do whatever He wants with your life. God has dreams that He wants to fulfill through your life. Trust me-you will be utterly amazed at what He can do with you!